<style="Title">Welcome to </style></style><style="Title">Blue's </style><style="Title">Facility!</style>

Click here to join our Discord server.

Thank you for joining our community, before joining, please read the rules, they can be found down below.

- Hacking is absolutely not allowed!

- You must have a microphone to play on this server.

- racism, homophobia, etc. are strictly prohibited, be friendly to each other.

- Keep political views to a minimum and keep it clean, staff may ask you to stop if it gets too bad.

- We are a English / Dutch only server, if you are speaking in another language we will ask you to switch.

- Mic spamming (eg. soundboards) is allowed, but not in SCP chat, Radio chat, and Spectator chat. If you are asked to stop: stop, else it will result in a warning or a ban.

- Follow the Steam ToS, Terms of Service and Community guidelines count on this server too, breaking them will result in a ban. This also means you must be 13 years or older to play on our server.

- Do not camp for the whole round, when people are camping it really does ruin the experience of the other players, so keep it to an absolute minimum.

- Do not team with the enemy. D-Class are allowed to team with Chaos Insurgency and SCPs, Chaos Insurgency may disarm Scientists and MTF, and MTF may to disarm D-Class and Chaos Insurgency.

- Do not use an inappropriate username / language in voicechat (eg. any form of discrimination, "het K-woord", impersonation, etc.)

- No selective teaming (teaming with one player but killing others from the same class), it ruins the experience for other people.

- Do not help rulebreakers, report them to our staff team instead.

Staff can ban you without notice. If you think that you have been banned unfairly, then please contact our staff team in our Discord server.

SCPs – Kill anyone. (It is advised you team with Chaos Insurgency as you can win the game with them alive, but that is up to you)

Class D – Can kill anyone who isn't on their team, even if they aren't holding a weapon.

Scientist – Can kill anyone who isn’t on their team, even if they aren’t holding a weapon.

Chaos – Can kill anyone who isn't on their team, even if they aren't holding a weapon.

MTF/Facility Guard – Can kill anyone who isn't on their team, although it is strongly discouraged to kill D-Class on sight, since it ruins the experience for others.

Punishments are relative to the severity of the offense(s).

All MTF and Chaos spawn with disarmers so we encourage you to use them, although you are not required to.</color>

<style="Title">These rules can be changed without any prior notice.
Contact info: [email protected]
Last revision: 04-04-2021 (DD-MM-YYYY)