<style="Title">Welcome to </style></style><style="Title">Blue's </style><style="Title">Facility!</style>

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Thank you for joining our community, before joining, please read the rules, they can be found down below.


- Hacking is absolutely not allowed!

- You must have a microphone to play on this server.

- No racism, homophobia, etc. are allowed.

- Keep political views to a minimum and keep it clean, staff may ask you to stop if it gets too bad.

- We are a Dutch / English only server, if you are speaking in another language we will ask you to switch.

- Mic spamming (eg. soundboards) is allowed, but not in SCP chat, Radio chat, and Spectator chat. If you are asked to stop: stop, else it will result in a warning.

- Follow the Steam ToS, Terms of Service and Community guidelines count on this server too, breaking them will result in a ban. This also means you must be 13 years or older to play on our server.

- Do not camp for the whole round, when people are camping it really does ruin the experience of the other players, so keep it to an absolute minimum.

- Do not team with the enemy. D-Class are allowed to team with Chaos Insurgency and SCPs, Chaos Insurgency may disarm Scientists and MTF, and MTF may to disarm D-Class and Chaos Insurgency.

- Do not use an inappropriate username (eg. discriminatory usernames, "het K-woord", impersonation, etc.)

- Do not help rulebreakers, report them to our staff team instead.

Staff can ban you without notice. If you think that you have been banned unfairly, then please contact - Blue -#0001 on Discord.

SCPs – Kill anyone. (It is advised you team with Chaos Insurgency as you can win the game with them alive, but that is up to you)

Class D – Can kill anyone who isn't on their team even if they aren't holding a weapon.

Scientist – Can kill anyone who isn’t on their team even if they aren’t holding a weapon.

Chaos – Can’t kill scientists unless they are holding a weapon, disarm them and then let them
escape to become Chaos.

MTF/Facility Guard – Can’t kill or intentionally hurt D-class unless they are holding a weapon, disarm them and then let
them escape to become MTF.
If a person refuses arrest or a reasonable instruction and you have clearly told them to stop, then you have the right to shoot after at least 1 warning.

Punishments are relative to the severity of the offence(s).

All MTF (Commanders, Lieutenants, MTF Scientists, Cadets, Facility Guards) spawn with disarmers and so you must use them.

We have a range of different plugins to improve your experience on the server:

<color=#0059FF>- AdminTools

Administrative tools for the server.
- DocRework
SCP-049 now heals himself and his zombies (within range) if he has 2 or more zombies.
- AutoFFToggle
Automatically enables friendly fire when the round ends, and disables it when the round starts.
- Peanut Fucking Explodes
SCP-173 fucking explodes upon death.. That's it.
- SCP-Utils
Advanced settings and improvements to the SCPs.
- Discord Integration
Enables the server status aswell as logs to be forwarded to our Discord server with a bot.
- Common-Utils
Adds a bunch of costum options and abilities to edit the server settings.
- Ultimate AFK
An advance plugin that checks if someone if AFK based on movement and other variables.
- SCP Swap
Makes players able to swap to different SCPs if they don't want to play the one assigned to them.
- Assist Infection
Shows a timer for 049 on bodies to see if they can be revived.
- Easy Events
A plugin that makes hosting events easier and more organized.
- SCP-008-X
A plugin that adds SCP-008 into the game to enhance the overall SCP-049-2 experience.

<style="Title">These rules can be changed without any prior notice.
Contact info: [email protected]
Last revision: 17-11-2020 (DD-MM-YYYY)