Kitchen Island #2 RP

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The Rules:
[1]: Any form of discrimination and toxicity is unacceptable.
[2]: Using cheats and exploits is not allowed.
[3]: Never mass teamkill.
[4]: Never teamkill without a fair and justified RP reason.
[5]: Purposely delaying the round will result in you being slain.
[6]: Mic spamming / soundboards are only allowed in proximity chat, they must not be intentionally annoying, distorted or overly loud.
[7]: As teaming is allowed, you are not required to kill any opposing teams, but if there is a situation where the round is close to ending then please eliminate the opposing team to avoid round delaying.
[8]: RDM (Random Death Match) Rules and Info:
* SCPs may kill Human classes and be killed by Human classes.
* Human Civilian Classes: Class-D & Scientists are prohibited to RDM other Human classes, and be RDM by other Human classes. Class-D / Scientists must be given a chance to surrender and be evacuated safely while disarmed by Human Military classes.
* Human Military Classes: MTF / Guard & Chaos may RDM their respective enemy Human Military classes.
* As a Human class you may kill other Human enemy classes for disobeying reasonable orders, and for attempting or threatening to cause you harm.
(Reasonable Orders: Won't result in any death or server rules being broken)
[9]: You may team with SCPs to kill your enemies, you may not team with SCPs with the intention to teamkill. Assisting SCPs may result in you being teamkilled.

Game Changes:
* While disarmed you can't use doors or elevators.
* Escaping as a Scientist or Class-D while disarmed will change you into the opposite class:
- Scientist = Chaos Conscript
- Class-D = MTF Private
* Escaping the pocket dimension will teleport you to a random location.
* No bodies in the pocket dimension.
* SCP-049 can talk with humans using the alternative chat key.

RP Guidelines:
* Follow NLR (New life rule, don't revenge kill).
* SCPs may choose to be friendly or not.
* RP solely based around teamkilling is not acceptable.
* RP and teaming must be done using in-game voice chat, not 3rd party software such as Discord.
* RP death threats must use fair and reasonable orders to follow that do not result in death.
* You may act in self-defence when verbally threatened with harm (in-game) or intentionally shot.
* Don't lock people in a room with the intention to kill them or have them die inside the room.
* Roleplaying as a traitor MTF or Chaos to help the opposing team is acceptable so long as it does not result in you breaking server rules or teamkilling.
* Roleplaying as a lore-wise cult within the game is acceptable as long as it does not result in you teamkilling or rule breaking for being a splinter faction.
* If Chaos, MTF or SCPs choose to be friendly towards each other, that does not mean you are required to be friendly as well.
* Closing doors on people to annoy them or get them killed may result in your death from the targeted person(s).