Welcome to The Forest!
Here be the rules:

-- Server Rules --
• Be respectful to others.
• No racism, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, etc. - including related slurs of any kind (even as a joke).
• No segregation or discrimination of ANY kind.
• Avoid excluding or isolating individuals, this is a safe and inclusive place for everyone.
• We occasionally have streamers on the server, be considerate to them and be mindful of what you say on stream. Violating Twitch rules while on stream will result in a kick / ban.
• Don't be a simp, incel, or just generally disrespectful. Seriously.
• Do not be intentionally annoying or antagonizing. This is less of a rule and more of a reminder that life isn't fair and if you get on my nerves, I have the ability to do something about it.
• Executive actions and punishments are left to the discretion of the admins and mods; respect their decisions.

-- Gameplay Rules --
• MTF/Facility Guards are to detain D-class if at all possible, NOT shoot on sight, unless D-class actively avoids detainment or poses an immediate threat.
• MTF/Facility Guards/Scientists are not to team with SCPs.
• Chaos Insurgency and SCPs are encouraged to work together, considering their mutual win conditions. The round goes faster when they work together.
• SCPs are not to use humans as exploits for killing other humans (i.e. SCP-096 keeping a human around to intentionally trigger enrage).
• No obnoxious / repetitive mic-spamming on Intercom (or proximity/radio/spectator chat).
• Do not intentionally delay an obviously conclusive round.
• Do not camp Alpha Warhead. Either make an effort to escape, or go out fighting.
• Do not throw the round for your team, sabotage teammates, or kill yourself if you’re on a team you don’t like (i.e. SCP-049-2).
• Don’t join if you’re going to AFK more than play. Doing so repeatedly will get you blacklisted from the server.

We’ve also got plugins, baby!
- SCP-575 - Causes blackouts in LCZ/HCZ; No longer Keter, will not deal damage over time.
- SCP-049 can use “V” to use proximity chat, similar to SCP-939.
- This server is hosted by Exiled-Hosting and uses EXILED Common-Utils, SCP-Utils, and Admin Tools.
- We are still working on adding and fixing certain plugins, please be patient with us!

Other server mods / settings:
- Items can be upgraded in 914 by being dropped OR equipped to your hand.
- Scientists start with their keycard and painkillers, and a chance to spawn with a flashlight.
- D-class has a smaller chance to spawn with a flashlight and/or a janitor keycard.

We hope you have fun and enjoy!
Please remember that this server is relatively new, and we are constantly striving to create the best environment we can for everyone. Feel free to contact the server owner @ [email protected] if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Join our community on Discord and support DistortedIvy on Twitch @ twitch.tv/distortedivy!
Discord: https://discord.gg/4FdCTnJ