<#0000FF>Valkyrie Network Secret Laboratory UK/EU Server #1</color>

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Server Location: London, United Kingdom

<#0000FF>1.</color> Treat everyone in this server with respect, no matter who they are.
<#0000FF>2.</color> RP is not enforced but is encouraged.
<#0000FF>3.</color> No KOSing of D-Class and Scientists. Further KOS rules will be defined below.
<#0000FF>4.</color> SCPs may NOT team with humans at any point. Any SCPs found to be teaming or showing favour to humans will be punished.
<#0000FF>5.</color> Foundation Personnel may team with the Chaos Insurgency in order to defeat any remaining SCPs. However must dissolve alliances once the SCPs are neutralised.
<#0000FF>6.</color> Don't stall the round. Camping for a prolonged period of time will result in the SCPs and any enemy teams being notified of your position and if needed, doors opened. If you are trapped in a room such as Intercom or 096's Room, an admin/mod will release you after 5 minutes if one is available. If you are trapped in 914 however, your fate will be determined by the game.
<#0000FF>7.</color> Do not intentionally close doors on team mates as MTF, Security or Chaos Insurgency. D-Class and Scientists may utilize this method however.
<#0000FF>8.</color> The Intercom is to be used for serious reasons only, using it just to be annoying or play soundboards through will result in you being unable to use it. Acceptable uses for the Intercom are: Advising people of MTF/Security/Chaos presence, Baiting/Taunting SCPs or enemy teams to your location, Giving people advice and anything else that can enhance people's experiences.
<#0000FF>9.</color> Abuse of any system or feature that gives you an unfair advantage or spoils the experience for others will likely result in a reprimand from staff.
<#0000FF>10.</color> Only English is permitted to be spoken.

<#0000FF>KOS Rules</color>
1. MTF and Security may not KOS D-Class unless they are actively posing a threat to other people. You may chose to restrain them or let them remain uncuffed but if you aid them in escaping they MUST be cuffed before they reach the exit. Failure to cuff an escaping D-Class when you were in a position to do so will be seen as teaming. The same applies with Scientists and Chaos Insurgency.
2. D-Class and Scientists must refrain from KOS unless the individual actively poses a threat to your survival.
3. Scientists may not kill other scientists.
4. D-Class may kill Scientists and other D-Class if they pose a threat to survival.