Welcome to <color=Blue><uppercase>The Bunker,</uppercase> <color=white>Recruit. Goodluck You're going to need it


- No KOS (killing unarmed or surrendered Class-D and scientists) (unless they are on surface zone heading for the exit they can still surrender on surface) (this rule only applys to guards, MTF and chaos.)
- No teaming that stalls the round or kills another player (teaming is fully allowed as long as it doesn't stall the round or kill another playing)
- Do not suicide as any SCP
- Do not mic spam in spectator or scp chat. earrape is not allowed anywhere (music is fine unless told to stop)
- Do not beg for staff, roles, or perms
- No camping/stalling the round (hiding in rooms like, 049, warhead, etc.)
- Do not harass someone for who they are (NW staff, content creator, The Bunker staff, etc,)
- No slurs harassment or discrimination
- No threating (jokes included) to doxx, raid, or leak any personal info of someone
- Arguing and a little drama is allowed as long as it does not affect other players
- Staff have the right to ban someone for something not said in the rules if you have a problem with a punishment DM a admin or higher
- every friday we turn on friendly fire do not kill more then 2 teammates on purpose

<color=#92D6B6>This Is a heavily modded server, If you want a full list of plugins, or to just join the community join the Discord(clickable)

A few of the plugins we have are
- Custom guns
- Custom classes
- SCP-294
- and more