Hello! We are a community that has been around SCP:SL for over a year, on and off! We love playing games and hosting servers.

We have a Discord! Join to chat with your fellow players, report, and give feedback. discord.gg/gYtArVxYhG
Need to appeal a ban or mute? Please click on or goto spikeyscout.xyz/appeal and fill out the appeal form. If you have not heard back about your appeal within 48 hours, please join our Discord and ask @sukauti#5634 in #scp.

While not a kick-able offense for speaking another language, this is a primarily English-speaking server, and most players will be speaking English.
Si bien no es una ofensa pateable por hablar otro idioma, este es un servidor principalmente de habla inglesa, y la mayoría de los jugadores hablarán inglés.

1. No mic-spamming in SCP or spectator chat. Anywhere else is fair game.
2. Killing detained players that are cooperating and not running away is not allowed. Please find an admin or mod if you have been killed while detained, or use the in-game report option.
3. Using slurs, being annoying, or being a general ass will not be tolerated here. Basically, no harassment.
4. No teaming between CI&MTF. No teaming between ANY HUMAN&SCPs. The game does not end when it is just CI and SCPs alive, only 1 group can be left standing. Giving mercy is allowed, teaming with an SCP for the entire game is not. Teaming between D-Class&Scientist is ALLOWED while not in the presence of hostile MTF/CI.
5. When friendly-fire is enabled, intentional, unwarranted team-killing is not allowed. You will be automatically punished by the server for friendly-fire violations. Catching someone in crossfire, or in self-defense friendly fire, is allowed.
6. Do not purposely hold up the round.
7. Staff say is final.
To appeal any bans/mutes, please fill out an appeal. Link above.
To report a player while no mods/admins are on, please use the in-game report option and select "Report for breaking server rules" to alert our staff on Discord. We are a small team, so while you may get support most of the time via reporting, we are not up 24/7.

- 914 now affects items held in hand and dropped.
- Sinkholes are enabled.
- Stamina is more lenient. Longer grace period on spawn, slower consumption, faster regeneration.
- CI has a slightly higher chance to spawn than MTF.
- The game no longer ends if it is just CI and SCPs alive. One team must be left standing to win.
On Scout Space #1 ONLY
- For every 25 players, 1 player will become a Chaos Insurgent at the start of the round.
On Scout Space #2 ONLY
- Friendly fire is enabled. You do 50% less damage to your teammates to prevent cross-fire killing your entire team.

We hope you enjoy your time on The Scout Space!

Should any issues arise, please join our Discord and let someone know. You can also DM me @ sukauti#5634 or reach me @ [email protected]