Welcome to Tombulator's Facility!

Our discord is here: https://discord.gg/gjgrmsdHm5

*Cross-teaming IS allowed BUT you cannot go against your superiors.
*No abuse to the Owner.
*If admins are abusing, report on the discord.
*Friendly fire is disabled.
*Do what your in-game superiors say.
*If you are a Guard or MTF, cuff Class-D where possible.
*Killing cuffed Class-D or scientist is evil.
*Don't camp at the Checkpoints or Gates.
*Don't hide from SCP's or MTF if you are the last one left.
*Don't suicide as zombies.
*Zombies can speak to humans using proximity chat!
*Be respectful to people.

List of plugins in the discord!

Obey the rules and have fun!