Manmaed's Secret Lab For SCPs

In Case of Emergency:
manmaed: Discord: manmaed#8403
The Servers Discord: <url></url>

manmaed - Server Owner (Discord & Steam)
JoeNoIce - Admin
UnRealDinnerbone - Mod
Dinnerbeef - Mod

Other Ranked Users:
Intimidating_Creature - The Intimidating Creature Rank (Discord & Steam)

1. No Racist Remarks.
2. No Asking for Ranks or Items
3. No Mic Spam
4. No Hacking
5. No Mass Team Killing / RDM
6. Wheaton's Law (Don't be a Dick)

Teaming Rules: You can Team with
D-Boys: SCP, Chaos, Scientist
Scientist: NTF, Guard, D-Boys
Guard: NTF, Scientist
NTF: Guard, Scientist
Chaos: D-Boys, SCP
SCP: can team with anyone!

Teaming Killing: You can Not Kill:
D-Boys: Chaos
Scientist: NTF, Guards
Guards: NTF, Scientist
NTF: Guards, Scientist
Chaos: D-Boys
SCP can kill anyone!