Welcome to Viodium SCP!

- Please be respectful to all users playing.
- Do not purposefully delay the round (ex: sitting in nuke surface room the entire round)
- Do not kill any Cuffed players unless they are not following your orders.
- Human Factions may only team if they have a common goal. Once that goal is met they are no longer allowed to team.
( ex: 1 chaos 1 mtf killing scp)
- If you teaming is delaying the round then it is not allowed.
- Do not teamkill your fellow MTF / FG & CI.
- Absolutely NO ghosting/metagaming. (obtaining round information from outside source such as discord)
- SCPs cannot team with any Humans factions except Serpents Hand.
- You can kill your fellow Class-D and Scientists if you give them orders and they don't follow them.
- Don't micspam / earrape in-game or in spectator chat.
- If you have a problem with a user in-game, please report them in the discord or contact a staff member in game!
- Follow all SCP Secret Laboratory TOS rules as well.

Enjoy the server! p.s. I plan on developing custom plugins at some point, stay tuned for that :heart:

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Need to contact the owner of the server regarding staff issues or ongoing server issues? Contact [email protected]