Click here for Discord invite or go to https://discord.gg/2UFYz7jbGv

Click here for BAN AND APPEALS server or go to https://discord.gg/TFHhq4ZX5y

<b>Server Info

1. Hosted in UK - England
2. No Friendly Fire
3. AFK kick
4. Active Moderation
5. Staff that don't AA or power trip!!!!
6. Auto nuke after 25 minutes

General Rules
1. No cheating e.g hack clients you will receive a perm ban and will not be appealed

2. Be over the age of 13 + be mature and use common sense

3. No team killing or sabotage

4. D-CLASS in light containment are not KOS UNLESS they have a weapon pulled out

5. Do not KOS cuffed D-CLASS

6. No teaming between foundation roles and SCP'S (Scientist, Facility Guard, MTF)

7. Chaos and SCP'S may team

8. D-CLASS and SCP'S can't team

9. Foundation roles may create a temporary alliance with chaos to take down a SCP

10. No mic spamming in any channels. Soundboards are NOT allowed in spectator mode

11. Just be nice in general harassment, racism, toxicity, etc will lead to a perm ban

12. Exposing Admins and Mods who have there tag hidden is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and will lead to a 1 week ban

13. Rules may change or update at any time

- Most importantly enjoy your stay in ENVY SCP!