O5 Council group server. Discord: discord.gg/3yeU9j5

This is an English server

<size=10> -Teamkilling is allowed to an extent
It's teamkilling if:
You purposely indirectly get your teammates killed.
-Your team to get your teammates killed.
It's not teamkilling if:
Person requested you to kill them.
d-Class can kill anyone, but Chaos
If you kill the person that is teamkilling.

-No Cross-Teaming
MTF/Guards can detain d-Class.
d-Class & Scientist can team so that either one can be turned into chaos or MTF.
d-Class/Chaos can team with SCP's as long as its not stalling.

-No disrespecting staff /other players

-No IrL threats toward players or the server

-Offensive language is strictly prohibited
no homophobia

-don't spam intercom over and over again

-don't be annoying with music, soundboards or anything of the sort

-Listen to staff, if they tell you something listen to them.

No requesting things

-Staff imitation is strictly prohibited

-No hacking

-No advertising

-Unless you aren't banned, using alts is strictly prohibited.
The rules apply to Everyone this includes the Owner and Co-Owners