The Stupid SCP Server

Please read the rules!


[1]: No holding the round up on purpose, if you are last alive, you will be informed, and your location said to others.

[2]: No Mic spam (Excessively loud/Constant/Annoying music in global chats such as radio, intercom, and spectator).

[3]: KOS is allowed under any circumstance.

[4]: Harrasment of players is not allowed .
[5]: No Political beliefs on the server, it's a SCP Server, not a twitter thread .
[6]: . Leaving the server to avoid punishment causes a month ban. .
[8]: . No extreme Toxicity.
[9]: Teaming goes as follows.
- MTF Can NOT team with SCP/Chaos, .
- Chaos vice versa can also not team with MTF (excluding D-class), but can work with SCPS.
- Scientists can work with Chaos to escape but can not with SCPS.
- D-Class can work with MTF and SCPS to escape.

[10]: Cheating/abusing exploits is not tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.

[11]: Don't target staff/content creators just because of who they are, if you are caught doing this over and over, it will result in a tempban.

[12]: Staff have final say in all arguments. If you have a concern about an unjust punishment, you may message any Senior Admins or higher on the discord. Staff are also allowed to punish at their discretion even if a rule is not stated.
[13]: No Kids Under 13 (if you sound below 13 you will be kick and or ban) stated.