H.I.D Hell



[1] No Cheating
[2] No mic spam on Global Chat (Radio, Spectator, Intercom, etc.)
[3] No Harassment and Hate Speech (Bullying, Homophobic, etc.)
[4] Do not KOS (Kill on site) (D class, Scientist, etc)
[5] Scientist Are allowed to kill D-class unless it is in Light Containment
[6] SCP and Teaming with neutrals (D-Class, Chaos) Are allowed
[7] Do not team with other hostiles
[8] Do not abuse admin
[9] Do not intentionally close doors on teammates
[10] Do not draw NSFW with bullet holes
[11] Use common sense. And please do not be toxic
[12] You can report players with the report sign by pressing N
[13] Do not delay the round (Admins are allowed to use force to get you to stop) (TPing to SCP's, Pocket Dimision, etc)


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