[EU/ENG] Manderz's hell

Discord (click me)

1. Admin say is final.
2. Mic spamming is allowed just please no LOUD music or whatever as it annoys a lot of people
2.1 If someone asks you to stop then STOP.
2.2 Music is not allowed in global chats
- Examples of global chat are SCP chat, Radio and Spectating
3. No racism or discrimination.
4. Swearing is allowed.
5. Teaming is limited to:
5.1 Teaming between chaos and SCPs are allowed
5.2 Facility staff cannot team between chaos and SCPs
6. KOS is not allowed in this server with exceptions.
6.1 If it is known the target has a weapon, they may be KOS.
6.2 Only scientists may KOS D-Class without reason.
6.3 Cuffed players should not be shot without valid reason.
7. English only please

Failure to obide to theese rules will result in a punishment according to the severity.

If you feel the need to report a player, do so with the in-game reporting feature.

- SCP speech (toggled by pressing ALT) is enabled for SCPs: 049, 049-2, 939
- RemoteKeycard - no need to equip keycard to open most doors
- CommonUtilities - Auto broadcast and SCP914 coarse teleport
- BringBackPinkCandy - 15% chance to recieve pink candy from SCP330
- RespawnTimer - spectator timer until respawn and ticket display
- SpectatorList - see who is spectating you
- SCPSwap - .scplist and .scpswap in console (only at full health)
- XPSystem - leveling system with badges according to your level

If you find any bugs or want to suggest anything join our discord server!