Staff Contact: [email protected]
Discord Link: (click)

======================== RULES =========================
TLDR : don't be stupid and have a good time
1. NO exploiting loopholes in the rules
2. NO racism and or harassment towards anyone
- Don't be hostile or toxic
3. KOS is allowed unless cuffed
4. NO exploits, glitches, hacks, or bugs
that allow you to cheat the "system"
5. NO mic spam (this includes sound boards)
6. NO Ghosting
- When 2 or more people are in the same voice
chat and one is dead and telling the other
participant knowledge that they should not know
about the game
7. Don't Sabotage other players (like the following
- Closing the door on people not scp, opening doors
to let scps get you, take valuable items and
waste them)
8. NO Advertising
9. NO Teaming
10. NO SCP Suicide
this is just a "community" made server
trying to keep the server alive
sincerely just the guy that runs the server ._.