FreedomSL Rules

Important: Enabling Do Not Track and joining the server will delete any data that was previously stored

You can use email to contact me: [email protected]

<size=20>Please join the discord!<mark=#800080>|🎮|</mark><mark=#708090>|ᴅɪꜱᴄᴏʀᴅ||</mark> (Clickable)

1. No mic spam over Spectator, Intercom, or SCP chat.
2. No earrape.
3. No hacking.
4. Soundboards are allowed in spectator and scp chat IF:
- They are less than 5 seconds
- They are not frequent (once every 30 seconds maximum)
5. Keep toxicity to a minimum.

If anyone is breaking these rules, please report them via the in-game report button (report for breaking server rules)

If anyone is playing loud/obnoxious music or being annoying in general, you can mute the person by pressing N, finding their username, and then pressing the mute icon next to their name (on the right side)

FreedomSL Features & Info

This server makes use of the in-game console. Use the ` or ~ key to open the in-game console.
If you get a white screen when joining the server, leave and rejoin.

Custom second escape at the unused door near chaos spawn

Cuffed personnel cannot be killed

This server has infinite stamina.

This server has a leveling and economy system (requires Do Not Track to be disabled)

You can use .eco in the in-game console to find all the economy commands.

Remember, you can sell your role using the .eco sell command, so there is no need to suicide.

This server has custom events:
- PINKCANDY: 100% chance to get pink candy from 330
- INFECTION: Everyone who dies will become an SCP049-2. All scps that spawn at the start become SCP049
- BLACKOUT: The whole map is blacked out the entire game (overcharge/ghostlight will NOT remove the blackouts)

Scp 914 changes:
- O5 cards on rough have a 40% chance to turn into a micro and a 60% chance to be destroyed
- Coins on rough have a 30% chance to turn into:
- Revolver
- Com15
- Com18
- Janitor Keycard
- Nothing
- Any bullet type
- Scientist Keycard
- Coin
- FSP-9 (20%)
- All coins in your inventory will automatically upgrade.
- There is now a workstation in the 914 room

You can get xp by:
- a person you cuffed escaping (5xp)
- escaping (10xp)
- killing armed personnel (3xp)
- killing unarmed personnel (1xp)
- killing an scp as a human (10xp)
- killing a human as an scp (1xp)
- killing a human using tesla gate (as scp079) (2xp)
- assisting a human kill as scp079 (1xp)
- killing an armed human as scp049-2 (3xp)

This server has custom items:
- Smoke grenade (dont worry the smoke doesnt damage you)
- Ultrabright flashlight: it can blind users instantly, 1 use only

These will be fixed in about 7-8 days:
Class Ds can teamkill other Class Ds (Friendly Fire is OFF for all other classes) (broken due to new update)
Grenades will explode when shot. (broken due to new update)
This server has a custom class: (broken due to new update)
- Serpents Hand (only spawns if there are more than 8 d class in the game, they are on the scp team)
This server has counter units: (broken due to new update)
- There is a chance for a chaos/mtf wave to come with a counter unit. If there is more than 1 person spawning
there is a 50% chance for there to be a counter unit, minimum 1 player and maximum 10% of the spawn wave.
- NOCOOLDOWN: removes the cooldown on a majority of things... its pretty chaotic (broken due to new update)
- LASERTAG: Everyone spawns as dog with normal vision and gets plasma guns to kill each other (broken due to new update)