Welcome to Lil Creatures

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Game Rules

1. The golden rule, do not be egregiously unfunny. Soundboards, micspamming, intercom trolling, and having a shit sense of humor will get you immediately banned.

2. This server is meant for an audience of 16+. This is not a hard rule, but generally younger children are not our target audience and would find themselves struggling to follow these rules.

3. This is a medium roleplay/semi-roleplay server. We want an immersive multiplayer horror experience. This means that you have to act and behave as the role you were given, and play the part of that character (talking and acting as they would). MTF must obey orders from their superiors, and generally move as a coherent unit. D-Class are felonious criminals and Scientists are researchers naturally opposed to them, but can be begrudging allies. SCPs would only find themselves working with anti-foundation forces if it is mutually beneficial, et cetera. Don't excessively refer to netspeak or game jargon. This is also not a hard rule, but meant to built enjoyment and more nuanced scenarios.

4. No excessive KOSing of unarmed, nonresisting D-Class. Generally Guards and D-Class are enemies, therefore not every case do you have to baby a D-Class into detainment, especially outside of Light Containment. However, KOSing to troll or to ruin the enjoyment of the players is not acceptable.

5. As referred to in rule 3, teaming is only allowed if it shows a mutual beneficial relationship, and must be forfeited if the end result of the relationship does not cause an end of round scenario if applicable.

6. Excessive assholery is not permitted. Slurs are not ban on sight, and neither is shit-talking, but consistent harassment is annoying.

7. No cheating in any way. This applies to literal exploits, such as wall and aim hacks, as well as meta-gaming.

8. Consistent stalling without any clear progression is not allowed. Hiding for a period of time or waiting for reinforcements is not necessarily consistent stalling. Consistent stalling is refusing to face the music for a major period of time while everyone else watches you do nothing.

9. Staff, if they perceive the violation of these rules to be beneficial to the enjoyment and dynamics of the game, will be willing to ignore rule-breaks. This means if your bit is funny but toes the line you won't get rule lawyered and banned.

10. Have a thick skin. The admins are not your personal army and will not ban everyone who wrongs you or is slightly rude to you. Remember, it's just a game.

11. Do not suicide as SCP intentionally. This includes leaving midround on purpose. If you do not wish to play as SCP, request to swap off with somebody else. If you are disconnected, rejoin and you'll be respawned. Do not abuse this amnesty or you will not receive it again.

12. SCPs must use their microphone to play. If you do not have a mic, ask to be swapped.

13. Don't leave a sit if staff pull you into it. Your ban will automatically be escalated to a week or more.

Server Info

Host Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Host: Johnathan
Administration Team: Pvt. Parts, aebaadcode
Moderation: Capekee, Bimz