welcome to walmart ҉

contact: Kat#0500@Discord
located in Toronto, Canada

a server focued on making small gameplay changes for a more enjoyable experience

1) dont hax, cheat, or evade bans
2) dont crossteam with scp if you're MTF. vice versa.
3) thats it
4) oh yea if you see someone breaking rules contact me. ill kick their fuckin ass

server configuration:
- humans sprint and regen sprint much faster, but cannot sprint for as long
- max ammo count changes based on role (MTF, CI, FG, D+SCI etc.)
- 914 refines both items dropped on the ground AND held items
- grenades do 100% damage to humans and SCPs alike
- intercom talk time is 30s with 15s cooldown
- guards spawn with 70 7.62 instead of 35
- pocket dimension exit randomizes
- some other crap

scp-575: facility lights randomly turn off. tesla gates are down during these events
remotekeycard: open locked doors without needing to hold the keycard out

no discord server yet. just join and play