Discord Code: VQ3kUYy
If you have any questions and or concerns please send me a Gmail at: [email protected]

1. Do not troll other people!
2. Don't Exploit!
3. Keep your toxicity down a notch.
4. Please do not troll other teams either!
5. Attempt to exploit the game will lead into a ban!(It will be unappealable)
6. Don't randomly contact for help for just someone saying a bad word, that can lead to an appealable ban.
7. PLEASE DO NOT Use any NSFW references, Children still play, think about that.

Rules For Staff or Admins:
1. Please do not abuse the Remote Admin if you have access.
2. Don't Abuse any type of power you have, you will be banned and removed from staff.(Appealable only after a month of the ban)