- Be kind to one another
- No harassment
- No witch-hunting players
- No doxing threats or attempts
- No ghosting
- It's just a game, no e-sports partnerships will be handed out here. Chill.
- SCPs/MTF/Chaos may not stall the game, period. Stalling means actively avoiding intended gameplay elements to lengthen the duration of a round unnecessarily
- Guards/Scientist/D-Class are allowed to hide from SCPs as long as they like in a singular location, as long as they intend on escaping when it is safe to do so. This is a normal strategy for the game and will not be considered stalling
- Teaming between MTF and SCPs is prohibited. MTF's mission is to contain them, not befriend them.
- Skits and jokes are allowed, but do be mindful of other players trying to actually play the game-- we're not all here to listen to your bad stand-up jokes. Even if you're jschlatt.
- No intentional mic spam, unless generally agreed upon as accepted as part of a skit that the entire server approves of. If it's funny, other people will say so. Otherwise, don't do it.
- Moderation/Admin team may end/restart a round at any time in order to maintain the flow of gameplay
- This server is not run by any donations or sponsored by any network/company. Just one nerd who wanted to share his passion for wholesome online multiplayer games. Please be mindful of this <3

~ Volvo Fix My Flamethrower / userisamonkey