[ Welcome To The Server! ]
To make things easier for all of us, please familiarize yourself with these rules.

1. Racism, slurs, and any discriminatory content is prohibited.
- This includes using spoilers on words to make them appear as slurs.

2. Advertising servers or services in any chats or direct messages is prohibited.
- Check advertisements if you wish to advertise on the Discord.

3. Spamming, posting content that induces seizures, and videos that have a seemingly infinite length are prohibited.
- Loud videos are only allowed if a spoiler has been applied.

4. Evading mutes and punishments by alting will result in a ban on all accounts.

5. Sharing any form of NSFW material (cropped or full pornography, fetishes, gore, NSFW descriptions, etc.) is prohibited.

6. Usernames may have non-standard characters, but if you have a non-typeable username, you must have a typeable nickname.
- Impersonation of studio staff members is prohibited.

-Discord discord.gg/hNnHxn7GaE