Welcome to Hazard's Island U.S - East (NYC)

This is a HEAVILY Modified Server!(See below for Details)

Discord (Clickable)</size=20>


1)Absolutely Zero tolerance - Cheating / Hacking or Exploits.
2)No recruiting or soliciting!
3)Unnecessary delay of game prohibited, camping and hiding is permitted (5 min Limit)
4)No excessive mic spam in lobby


1. All D Class spawn with a coin that can be used in 914 for a chance for a better item
2. 914 will upgrade items in hand, no need to drop them anymore!
3. Respawn information system will keep you updated!
4. Watch out! SCP 106 aka Larry can stalk his prey.
5. SCP's Can talk with humans by pressing "V"
6. Have a light handy, rumors are the facility has been suffering random power outages affecting lights and doors

7. After a Nuke detonation, toxic gas may effect surface conditions
8. Serpent's Hand may Spawn

9. Many Other game enhancements

Ban Appeals are handled through Discord (Click Link Above)