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<space=2em> <space=2em> Mostly Vanilla Gameplay QoL plugins

<space=6em> ScpStats <space=6em> Custom Auto-Warhead + Music


1. No cheating/exploits

2. No Racism or discrimination of any type.
- This includes slurs, hate-speech, homophobia, etc

3. Mic-spamming rules
- Mic-spamming is ONLY allowed via prox chat
- Do NOT micspam in scp, dead & pregame chat
- Client-side muting exists if you dont like someone

4. Do not kill detained D-class or scientists.
- Uncuffing and killing counts as killing them detained
- If they do not follow your orders (excluding impossible orders) you may kill them

5. Teaming rules
- MTF & CI can NOT team
- MTF & SCP's can NOT team
- Thats it, all other teaming IS allowed

6. Toxicity rules
- Don't be extremely toxic
- Don't constantly target players (including harassment)
- Do NOT encourage players to break these rules
- Don't target staff
- Don't call out staff
- Do not impersonate staff/NW staff

7. Do not hold up the round on purpose

8. Do not spawn camp