Welcome to <color="blue">Tuck's <color="red">SCP <color="orange">Server <color="purple">[MODED]

<color="green">Discord server

Steam Group
<color="yellow">1. No spamming
2. No swearing
3. Don’t ask for ranks
4. Do not say anything that is gross, bad or inappropriate for young ages
5. Don’t falsely report somebody
6. Do not be mean
7. Respect everyone as you would want to be respected, but to especially staff members
8. Don’t tell staff members how to do their job
9. Staff members have the final say
10. You must be 12 years or older to play on our server
11. no camping checkpoints, elevator systems, and important rooms such as, 914, 012, Gr, all spawns, warhead silo and control room (on surface), server room, intercom, and escape hall (on surface)
12. do not damage or kill cuffed (escape classes)
13. No team killing
<color="white">14. you can only team with certain people,<color="yellow"> scientists<color="white">, <color="black">facility guard<color="white">, <color="blue">MTF<color="white">, can team. <color="orange">D-Class<color="white">, and<color="green"> Chaos Insurgency<color="white">, can team. <color="red">SCP's and<color="white">, and<color="red"> Serpents Hand<color="white">, can team.
<color="yellow">15. KOS is allowed but not A great idea, because you might not win (example if you were MTF and you killed a D-class thinking that a scientist wood survive and then dies then it wood ether stalemate, SCP's won or chaos insurgency won, but not a foundation won.)
<color="yellow">16. HAVE FUN!!!!
<color="yellow">More INFO
<color="red"> sever events
<color="white"> On Thursday we have an event called <color="red">"Abusive Thursday"<color="white"> which allow staff to abuse staff powers, but staff cannot abuse warning, Kicking, or banning.
We hope you join and have lots of fun, so what are you waiting for, smash that connect button!
PS are discord is the heart of our community, join if you want. our discord is where you can get update about our severs.