🌌The Void🌠

1. No exploiting or cheating
2. No slurs or hate speech (no racism or homophobia)
3. No targeted harassment or Staff/Player Impersonation
4. No cross-teaming besides rule 4.1/make an effort to win
4.1 Class-D and Scientist can work together to escape
5. No Killing cuffed Class-D or Scientist unless they are being uncooperative or are going to fall into enemy hands
6. No mic spam/Ear Rape, you can play sounds/music, use N to mute someone annoying
7. Anything against the game rules or TOS is not allowed
8. Use common sense and listen to staff (they have final say)

Plugin List/Changes, Rules, and contact info can be found [Here]

CedMod - If you would like to appeal a ban, you can click here or do it on our discord
<size=12>If you want to appeal anything else you can do it on our discord


Founder <color=#5865F2>Discord: RealZachary</color>
You can also join the <color=#5865F2>Discord Server here to contact us</color>
Email (not checked as often): [email protected]