<align="center" color="white"><size=250%>Welcome to Scandinavia SCP server!</font>

<size=150%><color="blue">To join our Discord: click here!


<size=75%>[1] Don't be annoying or be rude to other players. (Use common sense)

<size=75%> [2] Racism/sexual harassment of any kind is not tolerated.

<size=75%>[3] Don't play sounds, music or ear rape sounds in spectator, radio or intercom.

<size=75%>[4] Don't use mods or exploit glitches that can make the game unfair for other players.

<size=75%>[5] Cross teaming is not allowed. (Except <color="green">Chaos <color="white">and <color="red">SCP <color="white">can team if they want to.)

<size=75%>[6] Don't stall the round longer the necessary.

<size=75%>[7] Don't ghost. (Like tell where other people are with 3rd party communications Example. Discord.)

<size=75%>[8] Don't sabotage your team. (Like kill yourself/leaving has <color="red">SCP<color="white">, teamkilling.)

<size=75%>[9] Don't find any loopholes in the rules.

<size=75%>[10] Listen to staff members.

<size=75%>[11] Teamkilling is NOT allowed.

<size=75%>[12] Don't steal other peoples items.

<size=75%><color="red">Note: The rules are in beta and therefore due to change in the future!