Welcome to Aussie Containment



We’re a new server looking to build a player base and form a community.

<align=center>Join our discord and feel free to suggest any plugins and/or gameplay changes you would like to see added to the server.



<align=center>Please take a moment to read and familiarize yourself with the server rules below


General Rules

1. Use your common sense.

If a rule isn't listed, Staff members may still enforce it if you're
harassing another player or impeding gameplay.

2. Using any Cheats and/or Exploits will get you banned without a warning.

3. Treat all players and staff with respect. Harassment or Abusive behavior will not be tolerated

4. Mic-spamming is allowed within reason.
Please use the player list (N) if you wish to mute another player.
You may be warned/muted by a staff member if you’re excessively mic-spamming.

5. Do not close doors on team mates.
Excessively closing doors on team mates will get you kicked.

<align=left>6. D-Class and Scientists may work together to escape but may not help kill Guards/MTF/Chaos.

7. SCP’s may spare D-Class as long as it does not delay the round.

8. KOS (Kill On Sight) is NOT permitted.
You must give cooperating D-Class a chance to surrender. If a player is running
away or not cooperating youy may shoot them.

<align=left>9. Do not purposely delay the round.

10. Camping is allowed.
However excessive or repetitive camping may result in you being warned if it becomes a problem.



<align=center><color=#ffffffff>Please join our Discord server if you wish to contact the server owner.