Bean's Bastion


1. Treat everyone with respect. Offences such as: harassment or racism will be taken seriously.
2. No self-promotion without permission from a staff member.
3. No KOS:
- MTF cannot KOS (Kill On Sight) D-Class unless they are not obeying orders or holding a firearm. Chaos cannot KOS scientists for the same reasons.
- Cuffed D-Class and Scientists cannot be killed unless they are disobeying orders, don't try work around this rule.
- If a D-Class is about to be cuffed by MTF, nearby scientists cannot KOS.
4. Report a player if they are misbehaving.
5. No cross-teaming unless your class is allowed to:
- Chaos and SCPs can team.
- Chaos and Serpentshand cannot team.
6. Listen to staff, they are here to help.
7. Do not sabotage friendlies (e.g. SCP-079 shutting doors on fellow SCPs).
8. Try not to spam soundboards, if another player asks you to stop, then stop.


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DM Bean#7569 if you are having trouble joining the Discord via the link above.

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Auto FF Toggle = Toggles friendly fire at the end of the round.
Chopper Drop = Spawns in a supply drop every so often at NTF spawn.
SCP-012 = Sucks you in and can kill you but has good floor loot.
SCPstats = Tracks your in-game stats.
SerpentsHand = Different class that can help only the SCPs.
WaitAndChill = You can walk around as Tutorial before the round starts.
BetterSinkholes = Small chance for a sinkhole to spawn in light containment zone.
RespawnTimer = Displays how long till a spawn wave.
Hats = Buy the patreon to get custom hats including: butter, cola and more.