Spaghetti's Confetti Server

<size=15>A lightly modded server which focuses on quality of life changes instead of unnecessary and obnoxious plugins</size=15>

<size=25>Rules [WIP]</size=15></color>
1. Please... use common sense
2. Micspam is allowed, but do not micspam over radio, spectator chat, SCP chat, or annoyingly over intercom (Remember: Funny, not annoying).
3. No usage derogatory or discriminatory terms
4. Do not excessively close doors on teammates. Only a few times is fine.
5. Do not steal cards from your teammates in 914
6. Do not suicide to avoid being SCP049-2
7. Do not purposefully delay rounds. E.g. camping rooms for an extended period of time

SCPs may occasionally spare Class D, MTF/Guards, and Scientists, but not team.
SCPs and CHAOS may team
SCPs and CHAOS may NOT team with the NTF/Guards


Discord Server: https://discord.gg/GKJ8h2Q (Clickable)
Discord: spaghetticonfetti#3092
EMAIL: [email protected]