<smallcaps>ItsKale SCP</smallcaps>


Basic Server Rules
1.Be a Decent Human Being (blanket term)
1a.No slurs or any "isms" (eg. Racism, Sexism etc). Strictly no tolerance, punishment will be minimum 5 minute ban and will increase rapidly.
2.Have fun!
3.Don't break Rule #1 and #2

Gameplay Rules
<color=orange>1.No passive/teaming between Guard/MTF and Chaos, unless they are fighting an SCP in which case it would be a temporary truce or looking to disarm and convert their team
2.No passive/teaming between Guard/MTF and SCP
3.No unjust TKs (if FF is ON)
4.No killing of ANY detained/cuffed individuals who are following orders

Things to note
<color=orange>1.Server is English only, if you do not comply with a request to speak English you will be kicked
2.Staff are always allowed to ban if someone is being a general ass (breaking rule #1)
3.As Chaos you **CAN** make scientists on your side by detaining them, recomended since Logicer is much more powerful than NTF Rifle in close range
4.Detaining Class D or Scientists aren't required but encouraged, makes the game more fun for everyone.
5.Micspamming is not allowed in Radio, Deadchat (spectator chat) and Intercom


Report Admin abuse in the admin abuse channel in our discord or directly DM:

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ItsKale#1763 - Owner