<smallcaps>Rules and information</smallcaps>
🍻 <cspace=0.60em>Outcasts SCP:SL</cspace> 🍻

Discord : https://discord.gg/kGgYhprQ9t

Welcome to the Outcasts SCP: SL server, on the server info page you can find all the meaningful information that is essential to know if you play on the server. You can join The Exo-Outcasts Hangout Discord guild by using the invite link above this message, this guild is used as a hub for all Outcasts servers. Contact fellow members or staff if you have any inquiries about the information below. <nobr>Negligence to read or comprehend the rules will result in a penalty being applied.</nobr>

<smallcaps>『 Notable modifications from vanilla 』</smallcaps>
» Custom game modes<sup>1 .. 2</sup>
» Warhead starts/ round ends when stalling<sup>1</sup>
» All humans can hear SCP-049
» Friendly fire is enabled
» Swap roles with another SCP at the beginning of a round<sup>2</sup>

<line-height=75%>1: This can only be initiated by an active staff member</line-height>
2: Read more about this modification at the bottom of this page

<smallcaps>『 Rules and penalties 』</smallcaps>
All of these rules are interpreted at the discretion of the moderator enforcing them, if you believe that you have been unjustly punished you may contact the server manager Nullified#3306.

1) The only allowed language is English
» We enforce this rule due to community cohesion and moderation purposes.

2) Misusing the game
» This rule includes but is not limited to cheating, exploiting, or otherwise maliciously interfering with how the game is intended to be played. Additionally to being removed from our server you will be reported to the SCP: SL staff as well

3) Communications abuse
» The use of programs that alter your voice or programs that emit additional sounds to the output of your microphone are generally allowed, as long as it is not obnoxious or with malicious intent.

4) Harassment/discrimination/hate speech/verbal abuse
» This is an inclusive community, to be a part of it you must be able to accept others for who they are. Use some common sense when communicating.

5) Team sabotage
» We allow working together to a certain extent, but we draw the line where it starts interfering with other players' gameplay. Killing members of your team with malicious intent is disallowed and working together with another team to accomplish the same is as well.

<smallcaps>『 Game modes 』</smallcaps>

» The lights in the facility are turned off
» Activating a generator will turn them on for one minute
» Getting killed by SCP-173 will drop a flashbang on your body
» All SCPs will be swapped to SCP-173
» Every human will spawn with a flashlight