1. Any form of discrimination or racism is not allowed and will result into a 1 day ban, if continued the next time another 1 day ban if continued even after that you will be perma banned <br>
2. Listen to the Admins/Owners, you'll need to have a good reason to talk back <br>
3. Micspamming is allowed but will be controlled more harshly because of complaints, when asked to stop please do so (if said person does not stop, mute them instead, if multiple people annoyed by it then tell one of the admins/owner and they will be muted) (also teamkilling them because of the micspam is not allowed and will result in 1 warning and after that a 1 day ban) <br>
4. Any form of cheating is not allowed and will result into a ban, this includes telling your friends that are still alive which other players/scp's there are <br>
5. No teaming between MTF and Chaos/SCP's
6. This is not a roleplaying server, anyone with the intent to join to play a normal match is allowed to disturb their roleplay
7. Teamkill will be punished severely
8. Getting banned 3 times in total will result in a permaban
9. Don't be a d*ck

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