Engaging Gameplay:

Diverse Roles: Make sure there's a good mix of SCPs, humans, and other roles to keep gameplay interesting and varied.

Unique Abilities: If your server supports custom plugins or mods, consider adding unique abilities or mechanics to different roles to make them more exciting and distinct.

Dynamic Events: Introduce unexpected events during gameplay to add twists and surprises that keep players engaged.

Custom Maps: Utilize custom maps to create new and intriguing environments for players to explore.

Easter Eggs: Hide easter eggs or secrets within the game to encourage exploration and add an element of discovery.

Social Interaction:

Voice Chat Emphasis: Encourage players to communicate and strategize using voice chat, as it adds a level of immersion and interaction.

Roleplay Opportunities: Create scenarios that allow for roleplay interactions between different roles, such as negotiations between humans and SCPs.

Community Building: Organize regular events, competitions, or themed nights that bring players together and foster a sense of community.

Player-Driven Content: Allow players to suggest and organize their own in-game events or challenges.

Creativity and Customization:

Cosmetic Items: Offer cosmetic items or customization options that allow players to personalize their characters.

Custom Ruleset Nights: Have occasional game nights with altered or custom rules to add variety and shake up the usual gameplay.

Artistic Contests: Host contests for fan art, fan fiction, or other creative works related to the game.

Feedback and Communication:

Player Surveys: Gather feedback through surveys or questionnaires to understand what players enjoy and what could be improved.

Active Communication: Interact with players on platforms like Discord or in-game chat to show that you value their input and ideas.

Memorable Moments:

Highlight Reels: Create highlight reels of funny, epic, or unexpected moments from your server to showcase the fun experiences.

Player Spotlights: Spotlight exceptional or dedicated players on your server to celebrate their contributions.