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Server Rules
1. Cheating and exploiting[1] are strictly prohibited.
2. Racist, discriminating, and offensive contents are strictly prohibited.
3. Harassment, toxicity, and baseless out-of-game accusations against other players are strictly prohibited.
4. Staff or player impersonation is strictly prohibited.
5. Mic spamming is prohibited in all channels. Music and songs are allowed but must be stopped if being requested by staff or players.
6. Advertisements, including server advertisements and streaming channel advertisements, must be kept to a minimum.
7. Teaming[2] and camping[3] are tolerated if they do not lead to round delays.
8. Killing cuffed Class-D personnel or Scientists is prohibited unless they do not comply with you, or when they are going to fall into enemies' hands.
9. False reporting and abuse of in-game reporting function are prohibited.
10. Calling out moderators who have hidden tags is prohibited.
11. Encouraging others to violate server rules is prohibited.
12. killing yourself is prohibited when cured by SCP-049.

[1] In-game exploiting spots that are normally unreachable and give the exploiter an advantage in combat, such as camera spot at checkpoint, are prohibited. Spots that can be reached by jumping onto actual props/railings are allowed.
[2] Teaming that directly or intentionally leads to the death of teammates is prohibited.
[3] Staying in a room prolongedly is considered as camping. Walking around in the same zone and staying in a corridor/tunnel are not considered as camping.

For support or further information, join our Discord and contact are staff.

Last updated: 4 April 2024