Legion Community SCP: Secret Laboratory Server

What is Legion Community?
Legion Community has been around since May 2018, causing a lot of friendship and hostility (unfortunately). Due to the misfortunes, our server under the name Alpha has been closed and Legion Community, which we hope to continue, has been replaced. I hope we continue to serve all our players in different games, not just SCP: Secret Laboratory.

Is there any rules in Legion Community?
Of course we have rules, we even have so many rules that we are waiting you to come to our discord so you can read the whole thing as it cannot fit here. But I'll give you a quick peek about the rules:

Main Server Rules
1. Any tricky and disadvantageous things (hack, bug, glitch etc.) are not allowed and prohibited.
2. Unless swearing and insult are against the person, there will be no problem.
3. Unless you are our partner, you cant advertise anything!
4. Friendly Fire is off on our discord but if we open it, it is forbidden to do it without a reason.
5. Opening songs/sounds from soundpad with below %30 volume is okay but it is forbidden to open ear rape songs/sounds.
6. Talking about disgusting things (aka NSFW) is forbidden and in conclusion, it is NOT OKAY.
7. Talking about politics or goverment (good or bad) is forbidden.
8. If you are going to fight with someone, do not do this on our server. We might have to ban you two.

What is the most important rule in Legion Community?
Do not be retarded and think like a person before doing ANYTHING.

Can I contact with owners?
Sure you can do! If you want a quick respond, come to our discord server: discord.gg/Q7rMwUS and message vexdy#0939 - Otherwise, you can e-mail me in vexdy [at] protonmail [dot] com or you can add me on steam steamcommunity.com/id/vexdy.

Where is the Server located and Which Language/Country is based on Legion Community?
It is located in Germany and Turkish/Turkey is the language/country based on Legion. But we are happy to see players from all of other countries!

Will Legion Community open another server in beta/normal versions?
We always open some polls about this topic in our discord server so if you want to give vote, do not forget to come our discord!

You automaticly accept usage of your public details, our game rules, voices/sounds are being recorded for use in public videos, evidences, statistics and security by joining into our server.