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Server Moderation

<indent=28%>SoBeyondYou#8801</indent> <indent=52%>Moderation Manager</indent>
<indent=28%>pyro#6172</indent> <indent=52%>Moderator</indent>
<indent=28%>apple_dragon#9692</indent> <indent=52%>Moderator</indent>
<indent=28%>Linkmm2#9267</indent> <indent=52%>Moderator</indent>
<indent=28%>Somebody#5367</indent> <indent=52%>Moderator</indent>
<indent=28%>Spac3Fr0g#1925</indent> <indent=52%>Moderator</indent>
<indent=28%>doggy#3422</indent> <indent=52%>Trial Moderator</indent>
<indent=28%>Jade The Tubby#1590</indent> <indent=52%>Trial Moderator</indent>
<indent=28%>benniFrog#2884</indent> <indent=52%>Trial Moderator</indent>
Server Rules

[1] Staff decision is final, Do not argue/bargain with the staff. If you feel a staff member is abusing, you can report them by contacting SoBeyondYou. Furthermore, all staff members have the right to enforce rules not strictly said here. If any rule that may not be written here, but should ovbiously be enforced is broken: Then they have the right to enforce said rule.
[2] Do not use alts to bypass a ban.
[3] This server is English-only.
[4] Swearing is allowed. Hate speech, harassment, and racial slurs are not.
[5] No microphone spamming over the spectator chat, intercom or radio.
[6] No team-griefing! This includes:
- Closing doors on teammates for no reason - An actual reason to do so would be, for example, being chased by enemies.
- Suiciding as SCP-049-2 is not allowed. You may charge at enemies with no thought, but killing yourself on a tesla or jumping into a hole is not allowed.
- Disarmed Class-Ds are on the MTF's side, disarmed Scientists are on the CI's side. Killing them is teamkilling. (Unless they don't follow reasonable orders)

[7] Teaming is not allowed!
- With the one exception being CI and SCPs.
- If you intend to disarm Class-D(s)/scientist(s) later, you may team up temporarily.

[8] Do not beg staff for things. Kindly asking is fine, but if you keep doing so, it's agains the rules.

"Prime-Time" (Most people on) from 4-10PM CEST