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Chill Server
DavidFrog#9502 - Administrator
SoBeyondYou#8801 - Moderator
Archer#0374 - Moderator
Granger#2454 - Moderator

oooh AHH AHAHWHWHAH#6439 - Junior Moderator
apple_dragon#9692 - Junior Moderator
pyro#6172 - Junior Moderator
General Dickhead (~~Tofu~~)#9453 - Junior Moderator
Server Rules

[1] Inappropriate names are not acceptable.
[2] Staff decision is final, Do not argue/bargain with the staff. If you feel a staff member is abusing, you can report them by contacting DavidFrog.
[3] Do not use alts.
[4] All staff members have the right to enforce rules not strictly said here. If any rule that may not be written here, but should ovbiously be enforced is broken: Then they have the right to enforce said rule.
[5] This server is English-only.
[6] Swearing is allowed. Hate speech, harassment, and racial slurs are not.
[7] Don't abuse glitches.
[8] Don't use any third party addons. (Hacks.)
[9] No microphone spamming over the intercom or radio.
[10] No team-griefing! This includes:
- Closing doors on teammates for no reason - An actual reason to do so would be fx, being chased by enemies.
- Suiciding as SCP-049-2 is not allowed. You may charge at enemies with no thought, but killing yourself on a tesla or jumping into a hole is not allowed.

[11] Teaming is not allowed!
- With the one exception being CI and SCPs.
- If you intend to disarm Class-D(s)/scientist(s) later, you may team up temporarily.

[12] Camping/Prolonging the round is not allowed.
- Whilst not generally enforced, if you're the last (or one of the last) person/people, you'll be told to kindly move.
- If you're unresponsive to these warnings you may be warned, kicked or even banned.

[13] Do not beg staff for things. Kindly asking is fine, but if you keep doing so, it's agains the rules.

"Prime-Time" (Most people on) from 5-6PM CEST
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