Site-09 SL

Welcome To Site-09 Sl server! We are new here so We want it to be a nice environment so people can join and play!

Discord: Clickable Link!
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Primary Plugins:

- Stalky 106: 06 can teleport by double-clicking "create a portal", It will teleport you to a random player. This comes with advantages and disadvantages mainly being when you teleport to someone they have control in some regard and can have a chance to run away or plan. But the advantage is that you always know where someone is at all times by it. There is a cooldown of 120-180 at the beginning and 80 seconds after using it once.

- SCP 008: Zombies can now infect other people. And when they hit people they gain 5 Ahp. Infection can be cured using a medkit.

- Chopper Spawns: Sometimes the chopper drops unique and good loot. It will announce it.

- Disconnectplayerreplace: When someone disconnects you replace them with all their loot intact.

- ScpLockdown: Scps are lock into their containment for a certain amount of time, Having d-class and other roles a chance to do their jobs before scps have broken out.

- Remote keycards: If you have a card in your inventory you can open doors without it requires to be in your hand.

- scp1162: The gambling machine! drop an item in and you get another in return. Or nothing!

.For more info about plugins join the discord server! Rules are below


1. No holding the round-up on purpose, if you are last alive, you will be informed.

2. No begging for permissions

3. No Mic spam, playing music in spectator/SCP chat.(Soundsboards and
music is also micspam) (Also Proximity chat spam is allowed

4. No KOS (Kill On Sight). This applies to D Class killing Scientist,
Scientist killing D Class, and Facility Guard killing D Class. D Class ARE allowed
to KOS Facility Guards as long as they are not surrendered. Chaos Insurgency
ARE allowed to KOS scientist as long as they are not cuffed, and MTF/Guard are
allowed to KOS Chaos, and vice versa. You should refrain from shooting a cuffed
personnel as much as possible. If you see somebody holding a gun, or they are not following your orders,
you are allowed to kill them.

5. If you say you surrender as a D-Class / Scientist, you are to
remain surrendered until you leave their sight for a decent amount of time. If
you are caught killing someone after you have surrendered, you will be punished accordingly.

6: Any form of discrimination will result in a week-long ban. (This does not include "gay")

7: SCPs are only allowed to team with Chaos. SCPs are not allowed to team
with any other class (Guards, D-Class, etc). If you are caught teaming, you will be
informed, and if you do not stop, you will be punished accordingly.

8: Cheating/abusing exploits is not tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.

9: Don't target staff/content creators just because of who they are, if you
are caught doing this over and over, it will result in a temp ban.

10: Staff has the final say in all arguments. If you have a concern about an
unjust punishment, you may message any Senior Admins or higher on the discord.

11: Any form of sexual harassment is NOT ALLOWED and you will be punished
for it depending on the severity. This may result in only around mute to a week-long ban.

(For staff, if you are seen abusing your power, you will be punished accordingly.)

Thanks for Reading the rules and please consider joining our discord above.

Plugins for this server is in our discord server. And
any Questions you have about anything is in there too.


If you had a bad experience with a admin/mod. Or you
think you have been unfairly Treated, Create a ticket on our discord server And
fill out the form.