Crimson Studios Official Vanilla Server

A new and fresh starting community including server hosting & Game development on the Roblox platform.

Feel free to join our discord by clicking below!

server settings:
Upgrade items in 914 dropped or held in HAND.
Slightly decreased stamina consumption.
Faster minimum & maximum spawn time.

Rule 1: Respect all users, regardless of your liking towards them.

Rule 2: We do not tolerate any kind of advertisements.

Rule 3: Threats to other users of DDoS, Death, DoX, abuse, and other malicious threats are absolutely prohibited and disallowed.

Rule 4: Cross-teaming is only allowed across classes with mutual win conditions. If the round can not end with both parties alive, then it is not allowed for said parties to team.

Rule 5: No racial slurs or any sort of racism.

Rule 6: Soundboards are allowed, spamming your mic the whole time is not.

Rule 7: Do not disrespect staff they are just doing their job.

Rule 8: Terminating D-Class on sight as a GUARD or MTF is not allowed.
D class that are cuffed cannot be killed at all except for SCPs
The only exception to this rule is any one of the following being true:
- The D-Class is resisting being disarmed.
- The D-Class disobeys your command.
- The D-class is being escorted by any kind of hostile team.
- The D-Class is armed

Rule 9: The server is English only, do not have conversations in other languages.

Rule 10: Staff have the final say, if you feel mistreated you may create a ticket and one of our higher ranks will review your issue.
(in the discord)

Golden rule: Have common sense.

Your presence in this server implies accepting these rules, including all further changes.
These changes might be changed at any time without notice,
it is your responsibility to check for them.