Welcome to Blackwing Fortress -- \ https://discord.gg/m4tbvGQ2Wq

Server Rules:

Do not discriminate or harass other players

Killing Cuffed Class-D is not allowed, if an admin is online, the killed player will be respawned as Chaos Insurgency.

SCP-106 has a 50/50 chance of killing you in the pocket dimension, and is to be considered a low priority to MTF over 173, 049, or other SCPs.

Teaming between CI and MTF is allowed for the express purpose of containing SCPs, and must not team for any other reasons.

Teaming between Class D, Guards, MTF, and Scientists are allowed -- Guards and MTF MUST cuff Class D and escort them to the exit once inside either Gate A or B.

These rules are a changing document, and will add and remove rules as time goes on. Rulebreaks will be punished by the presiding staff on a case by case basis.