D-Class and SCP’s may team as long as it doesn’t cause in-direct teamkill (e.g D-class opening the door for SCP’s to kill others)

MTF may not team with SCP’s

Don’t close doors on your teammates consistently.

No playing of copyrighted music.

No usage of soundboards in spectator chat

Racism, Sexism and any form of bigotry will not be tolerated.

No use of the N word and other Slurs.

Chaos may team with SCPs.

No stream-sniping and No ghosting apart from using the jukebox.

Use common sense and don’t be a Ass. If a moderator tells you to stop acting up take it as a sign that you are ruining the vibe on the server for everyone.

You may not Kill cuffed D-Class. If they disobey orders however termination is allowed.

Don’t stall the round. If you are holding up the fun for everyone while hiding in a room, you will be warned.