Discord: https://discord.gg/k7eYtvS

1. Intentionally teamkilling for ANY reason is not allowed.
2. Don't micspam (includes music, earrape, etc.) over spectator, intercom, or radio.
3. Staff disrespect is not allowed.
4. Discrimination of any kind is not allowed.
5. Killing detained D-class as MTF/guard counts as teamkill.
6. Do not say anything that might offend someone or a group of people (such as the hard n.)
7. Cheating or hacking is not tolerated.
8. English only.
9. Do not camp/hide in any rooms where SCPs generally cannot enter, such as 012 or surface alpha warhead.
10. Do not advertise (Having TTV or anything like that in your name is fine, however.)
11. Teaming is allowed as long as it does not hold up the round.

Staff members are allowed to open doors for trapped players or SCPs after awhile; this is not admin abuse.

Rules last updated on August 1, 2020.
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