Arcadia Server Info

This is a MODDED server where we will attempt to do something whacky with event rounds whether it be small or large scale.It will not be your standard "gun game, simon says, TDM, etc." it will be something stupid. Depending the mass consensus of the server will determine the outcome of the event's length and conditions.

DISCLAIMER: Although this is technically a public server, we treat this as a PERSONAL SERVER. So we don't have any specific rules. That being said the only "rule" is, "don't be an ass." Of course it's very vague, but essentially: if you're unpleasant to be around then we're most likely going to ban you right off the bat.

BANNING POLICY: For the most part, we will perma-ban without a sitdown because we treat this like a home. If we give out a warning, it's a rarity and it's because we failed to illustrate a particular aspect of our single rule.

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/arcadia-scp

- Exiled
- AdminTools
- RespawnTimer
- AFK Replace
- Common Utilities
- Pink Candy
- 049 Speech (Press ALT to toggle Chat)
- Remote Keycard
- Custom items