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<align=center>How To Apply For Staff

To apply to the staff team, <color=white>click This link
. All the Apps. are manually reviewed by our interview team every Wednesday and Saturday. If you pass the background check you should start off on the lowest rank, if you do a good job, you will be promoted to the next level. (However, asking administration repeatedly for the release of staff list, or promotion will result in a warning. It's really annoying)</color>


- Avoid teamkilling during normal rounds
- KOS-(Kill-On-Sight) is not allowed during normal rounds

- Don’t break character
- Don't team with your opponents
- Killing a cuffed Class-D/Contained SCP will result in a warning on your account

- Please participate in all events
- Don’t harass staff during events

- Don’t mic spam on any global chat, or in confined spaces
- Don’t be racist, homophobic, or offensive to anyone
(if you're joking, make it known beforehand)
- Don’t harass other players


- For each offense a warning will be placed on your account lasting
*3 days*; If you receive three offenses within the *3 day* time frame, an administrator will be notified to place a tag on your name, and you will be excluded from all events for 7 days.

If you wish to appeal for a ban
DM an admin through Discord about what you did wrong and they will revoke the warning tag. However, doing this will prohibit you from being able to join our staff team and receive credit tags (e.g., event winner) for three weeks.
(In my personal opinion, I’d just wait)

<align=center>Staff Roles List

The Duke. -Highest Ranking Server Manager
Staff Manager- In charge of Applications, promotions, and demotions in staff team
Head Admin. -In charge of maintaining order in server
Senior Admin. -In charge of maintaining order in staff
Admin. -In charge of maintaining order in the community (full moderation privileges)
Junior Mod. -In charge of moderation in community
Trial Mod. -Tutorial moderator(handles minor reports)
Patreon Member. -Receives exclusive privileges in the server during events and rps'
(The current names are all temporary placeholders, and will be replaced with the official ones in a day or two)


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