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SCP: SL Server rules.
Bigotry of any kind is not tolerated. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, etc. Using slurs will be an immediate ban.
Toxicity, targeted harassment, and general bullying will not be tolerated.
In general, be kind to one another.
Talk about religion and politics that are likely to cause inflammation are not allowed.
NSFW Content is always disallowed. Imagery, especially, will never be tolerated. This does not include minor sexual comedy.
Advertising in general is not allowed. Certain exceptions may be made. If you're not sure if something you want to post is advertising, ask a staff member.
Do not intentionally Teamkill. Crossfire and self defense are allowed.
Micspamming is never encouraged, but you will be punished for micspamming on radio,intercom, or SCP chat.
Soundboard spam that annoys other users is not allowed. If someone asks you to stop, stop.
Hacking or the use of any third party software to gain an unfair advantage is disallowed.
Do not suicide because you do not like the role you have spawned as.
Do not leave and rejoin to avoid becoming SCP 049-2
Do not purposefully delay rounds.
Class-Specific Rules:
Guards and MTF may not shoot Class-D that are cooperating. If the Class-D is visibly armed, you may shoot on sight.
Chaos may kill Scientists on sight.
Class-D may kill other Class-D. This is not considered teamkilling.
Teaming Rules:
Class-D may team with Scientists and Vice Versa.
Temporary teaming between any class is allowed if it will end the round or if they are in a dangerous situation together (I.E. stuck in a room with one another.)
MTF/Guards should not team with Chaos in most situations.
SCPs may 'spare' anyone they choose, but in general should avoid teaming with MTF for long periods of time.
No teaming is allowed if it is stalling the round for a considerable amount of time.
Roleplay Guidelines
This server is intended to be an RP server, though roleplay is not required.
In general, things that are usually rulebreaks, such as teaming and TK, are allowed as long as people are having a good time with the RP. However, stalling a round for an extremely long time is never allowed. This rule is the most nebulous of all, so try to ensure anyone involved with your RP is ok with anything that would usually be a rule break.
Avoid creating "roleplay" that is designed only to break rules. Spawning as MTF and saying "I am a traitor!" before throwing a grenade in an elevator is not a valid RP. That is just mass teamkilling