Welcome to the Spunkle Lab, the goofy server owned by the Spunkle Bobber organization! (Note: The Spunkle Bobber is NOT, as many believe, a terrrorist organization. Any government authorities investigating such a case are asked to please turn away)

THIS IS AN ENGLISH SERVER, pleaes don't join unless you speak english.

Discord server: https://discord.gg/g4e7F9azFU

Here are some rules to follow:

1. Please do not harass anyone on the server. We are VERY lenient with these cases, so don't take advantage of it. Especially do not attack anyone for race, gender, etc. And for the love of god leave the kids alone.

2. Let people play the game, so don't KOS D-Class or Scientists unless armed. If they disobey you or try to run, THEN you can shoot them.

3. Soundboards are allowed, but don't micspam. Also don't be annoying on intercom, spec chat, or SCP chat. And no music on spec or SCP chat either, unless it's Sneaky Snitch.

4. Don't be a creep. We don't play with weirdos.

5. If you have a problem with someone on the server that doesn't involve them breaking any rules, cry about it, I don't care. This also applies to if they broke a rule we have on a DIFFERENT server but not here. Unless they're a creep.

6. Despite us not tolerating the bullying of children, we also aren't protecting them from inappropriate shit. If you tell us you're under 13 (when not joking obviously) we're banning you until you are the appropriate age. And don't get upset when you hear someone make a sex joke.

7. Don't pull the loophole shit with us. If you knew what you were doing and you try to tell us you "technically" didn't break any rules, we don't care.

8. Jester's privilege: Most rules stated are excused to be broken on the basis of humor. Though please note that it's a risky game to play when humor is subjective, and if staff don't find it funny, you will be punished.

Have fun