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1) Do not meta-game, it ruins the game for others and sometimes can give you an unfair advantage. (Meta-gaming is getting information outside of the game with means such as Discord, Steam Chats, etc.)

2) Teaming outside of classes is not permitted at all. Teaming will result in being slain, repeated teaming will result in a kick or ban.

3) Don't mic-spam or be annoying too much on the intercom or spectator chat, just try not to be annoying in general.

4) Don't be toxic to one another, if someone tells you to stop being rude simply stop.

5) Do not purposely delay the game by camping, teaming or any other means to delay the game. Doing so will result in being slain. Repeated camping will result in a kick or ban.

6) Do not attempt to grab or share anybody's personal information around the server.

7) Listen to what staff say, most of the time their word is final.

8) Racism, slurs or any other rude words or sayings that might offend or hurt anybody are prohibited, if you are saying something racist you will be banned instantly.

9) Do not camp the intercom to get multiple uses of it.

10) Targeted friendly fire (groups of people all targeting one person), revenge killing (killing someone because they killed you at the start of the round) or constant fire (more than once from the same player in one round) is punishable. Use the in-game report function to report rule violators. Evidence is encouraged, (Unlisted YT video link, Streamable, etc.) but we have advanced logging techniques if you weren't able to record evidence.

SCP: SL Eula: Click Here!

SCP: SL Ban Policy: Click Here!

SCP: SL Verified Server Rules: Click Here!

Server Features

- Pocket Dimension has 2 exits; Exits change each time someone successfully escapes.

- Common Events such as Hide & Seek, Small Round, Deathrun, Lights Out and more!

- In SCP-914, items must be dropped to be converted.

- Friendly fire is on. Constant (more than once) or targeted friendly fire can be reported using the in-game reporting function. Friendly fire is also limited to 0.4x normal gun damage (which is the default for SL.) Please read the rules above for more information on rulebreaking teamkilling.