Discord Server
- https://discord.gg/FsumTgURJf

Server Rules
1. Not being rude is free, so be nice to other people.
2. Don't be annoying. This includes:
- Microphone spam (Music is allowed)
- Begging for special treatment from staff
3. Don't teamkill unless you have probable cause. Probable cause includes:
- Self defense
- Team grief (Someone is stealing items, messing with 914, putting your life in danger)
- The person being killed consents
4. Don't spawn camp for longer than a minute
5. Don't stall the round to complete your own personal objectives (Hiding for an extended period of time until MTF spawns)
6. Don't kill obedient Class-D that are cuffed.
7. Anything not listed is allowed, but staff discretion still applies.

Plugin List

SCP Swap
At the start of the round, you can swap which SCP you are.

Remote Keycard
Allows players to use their keycard while not having it in their hand.

Call Vote
Admins can call votes and members can make decisions.

SCP Proximity Chat
SCP chat and proximity chat are merged together, meaning you can talk to non SCPs. Proximity chat can be turned on and off with your noclip keybind, which by default is left alt.

Respawn Timer
Gives info on the round while spectating.