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[Rule 1] Harassment to players is prohibited, this includes but not limited too: Racism, sexism, and anything related

<size=14>[Rule 2]
Hacking inside the server will cause an immediate and permanent ban, followed by a global ban issued by official SCP staff.

[Rule 3] Impersonation of any staff member is prohibited

[Rule 4] Attempting to evade punishment will result in a harsher punishment

[Rule 5] No Meta-Gaming (Using Discord or other platforms for call-outs)

[Rule 6] No cross-teaming (Exception with Chaos and SCP's)

[Rule 7] No mic-spam in global or intercom, only proximity (Use soundboards and voicemods within reason please)

[Rule 8] No Camping, the longest to stay in one place is 3 minutes

[Rule 9]: No exploiting (if you do, do not use it to your advantage)

[Rule 10]: No NSFW of any kind (this is mostly noises and suggestive acts)


SCP-914 Changes:
a. 914 is set for both held and dropped items
b. Coarse has a 100% chance to teleport to D-Class Spawn
c. Rough has a 95% chance of turning any Scientist into a D-Class

a. The AFK kick timer is set for 3 minutes, Spawn Protection is set for 3 seconds
b. Automatic-Warhead starts 20 minutes into the game
c. Respawn Timer for spectators

a. Server WELCOME message
b. Server TIMED message
c. List of spectators watching you
d. Cassie gives warnings on automatic-warhead
e. SCP-096 line-of-sight announcements

a. <color=#FFFFFF>Friendly Fire is enabled upon round-end
b. MVP Stats at round end
c. SCPs can switch to another SCP
d. SCPs can enable and disable proximity chat (Left-Alt)
e. SCP-1162 added to SCP-173 containment chamber, gives ability to exchange items
f. Pink-Candy is inside SCP-330
Please join our Discord for more details