Discord ~ https://discord.gg/9bh69NVB7p(clickable)


1. Harassment to other players is prohibited, this includes but not limited too: Racism, sexism, and anything related.

2. Hacking inside the server will cause an immediate and permanent ban, followed by a global ban issued by official SCP staff.

3. Impersonation of any staff member is prohibited.

4. Attempting to evade punishment will result in a harsher punishment.

5. That's it! All the rules are for safety purposes.


1. 914 Changes:
a. 914 is set for both held and dropped items
b. Rough has a 100% chance to teleport to D-Class Spawn

2. The AFK kick timer is set to 300 seconds, Spawn Protection is set for 10 seconds

3. Announcements:
a. Server WELCOME message
b. SCP-096 targets gets notified when looking at SCP-096

4. Auto-Warhead starts 30 minutes into the game

5. Friendly-Fire enabled upon end of round


Remote Keycard
(More coming soon!)

If you made it down this far, I want to say thanks for reading everything. This server is really new and I hope you enjoy it.