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1. No cheating or exploiting: Cheating and exploiting ruins the game for everyone else and creates an unfair advantage. Ban players who are caught using cheats, hacks, or any kind of exploit.

2. Respect other players: Be respectful to other players at all times. This includes avoiding racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other kind of discriminatory behavior. This still works if you're saying something about your own race, sexuality, etc.

3. No team killing: Team killing, or intentionally killing players on your own team, is not allowed. It ruins the game for others and creates a negative experience.

4. No mic spamming: Mic spamming, or repeatedly using your microphone in a disruptive or annoying manner, is not allowed. This includes playing loud music, using sound effects excessively, or talking over others.

5. No spamming or advertising: Do not spam the chat or advertise other servers, websites, or products. It's disruptive and takes away from the gameplay experience.

6. Follow the game's rules: Ensure that players follow the rules and gameplay mechanics of the game. This includes following the roles and objectives assigned to each player, not exploiting glitches, and not engaging in inappropriate behavior.

7. No impersonation: Do not impersonate other players, admins, or staff members. This includes using their usernames, profiles, or images.

8. Admin discretion: Administrators have the right to use their discretion in enforcing the rules and making decisions that ensure a fun and fair gameplay experience for all.

9. No sharing personal information: Players should not share personal information such as their real name, address, or phone number in the game. This can lead to privacy and security concerns.

10. No hacking or DDOSing: Any attempt to hack or DDOS the server or other players is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate ban.

11. No ghosting: Ghosting, or providing information to players who are dead or have been eliminated, is not allowed. This includes telling players who the SCP is or where other players are located.

12: Round Stalling: Do not round stall as it can ruin the fun for the others. You will be teleported away from your location eventually. Round Stalling is also counted when you lock people inside a room. They will be teleported out of the room or the door will open overtime to maximize enjoyment.

13: Begging Staff: Do not beg staff for events, items, roles, etc. as it is annoying and causes other people to not enjoy the game.