Super Cool People: <color=#0094bd>The Secret Place</color>

Discord link: Click me!

<align=center>EMAIL: [email protected]

I'll keep these rules simple, and try to not limit how you can play the game.

1. Slurs of any kind will result in a immediate one day ban. I'm lenient on my rules because I plan to only ban people permanently for attempting to cause the server to crash.

2. KOS is allowed, but don't expect people to be too nice to you when they respawn.

3. Cross-teaming is allowed, but it must be class-wide. If you are a SCP, and want to save one scientist, you must do the same to all of them. That stops friends from just helping their friends escape, while benefiting everyone else on the team.

Here's some gameplay tips if you are new here:
- If you're in light, make sure to READ THE SIGNS above doors. Here are the rooms:
##00 - Armory
#914 - SCP-914 (upgrade machine)
GR18 - 372 (loot) (gun spawn)
PC15 - PC Cafe (loot)
TC01 - SCP330 (loot) (gun spawn)
WC00 - Water Closet (loot) (gun spawn)
PT00 - <color=red>SCP-173
Spawn (loot) (gun spawn)
CD00 - Class-D Spawn
AL01 and AL02 - Airlocks
VT01 - Plant Room (loot)
EX-A and EX-B - Elevators to Heavy Containment. These doors open when the decontamination timer hits 30 seconds.

- You don't have to team with <color=red>SCPs
as Chaos Insurgency, and vice versa. If the other team is causing problems (killing Class D / escorting Class D) you have the right to kill them! They are just a resource, after all.

- Don't become another target to SCP-096! Look down!

- The Zone Manager keycard is not just useful for checkpoints, its a quick way to get a O5 keycard in SCP-914. Put it on fine twice to get a O5!

- Have a scientist keycard? Put that on 1:1, then put it on fine twice. Its way faster than just going on fine multiple times.

- You can set the sprint button to be toggled in the Settings, let your pinky rest.

- As SCP-079 you press tab to toggle the menu. You can hold space to free look. This can be toggled in the settings.

- Make sure to load the ammo in the pistol before putting it away. You can pull out the gun faster when you need it, that way!

- Guards can get some nice loot from SCP-049's containment chamber, and the Alpha Warhead silo. Make sure its the T locker, and you take the middle 3 and bottom middle (small doors). You cannot open the corners (big doors) or the top one.

- In this server, you can spatially voice chat as a SCP. Press 'V' to talk!

Server IP: